Visits to the US and other stuff


Stephen Colbert thanks, welcomes the pope

Welcome to America!

A Catholic Congressman is boycotting Pope Francis

Pope Francis Blowback, Part 2

The serious theological discussion about politics and economics we won’t have during this visit

No analysis. Just an invitation.

BREAKING: Pope Francis not a “Cafeteria Catholic” either

Synod 15

All About Expectations

“I’m Sticking With Jesus”

Writing straight with our crooked lines

Synod 15 careens toward a close

Holy Year


What do we do in a HOLY year?

What do we do with mercy?

What does mercy look like?

What a hairless Mexican dog taught me about mercy

Gaudete et Exsultate

On Purpose, Passion and Privilege

Other Papal Stuff

The Good Pope

The Whole Pope Thing

Reactions to Yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision

Love Wins. Exclusion Doesn’t.

We’re Having the Wrong Discussion

Why Ashley Madison is a bigger threat to sacramental marriage

Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi

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