Fratelli Tutti

Context – The Original Francis

More Context – What this is and isn’t

Intro – What inspires Fratelli Tutti?

Chapter 1: Hope Amidst (a LOT of) Darkness

Best Turns of Phrase in Chapter 1

Chapter 1.5: Rise Up

Chapter 2: The Heart of Fratelli Tutti

Chapter 2.5: How Many Kinds of People Do You See

Chapter 2.75: The Wrong Scandal

Chapter 3: Don’t Lose the Trees for the Forest

Chapter 3.5: How bad are we? How good can we be?

Chapter 3.75: A part? Or apart?

Chapter 4: Trip the Light

Chapter 4.5: Who are we?

Chapter 4.75: Next Generation

Chapter 5: Feature not bug

Chapter 6: If

Chapter 7: Peacemakers

Chapter 8: Ted Lasso

Closing Thoughts: Our Blindspots to God

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