Personal stuff

What’s This About?

What I learned about leadership from Monday’s Gospel

Twenty years in

Love wins. Exclusion doesn’t.

I’m glad you were born

Eulogy for my Father


What to do about Syria

Punk’d by Christendom

Be careful what you study

The limits of secularism

What happened?

What a hairless Mexican dog taught me about mercy

The difficult grace of the passive voice

The most Jesus-y thing our church does

Survivors’ guilt


On sin, love and sisters

The refining fire of this moment

Why I ask Facebook for prayer intentions

Passions, habits and the life inbetween

How many kinds of people do you see?

The four essential elements of thriving

Why I am a horrible evangelist

On marriage

My friend in Uganda

Did I ever tell you about that one time…

Let’s talk about Romans 13

Princes and thrones

Why I’m staying

Miraculous orbits

A 12-step plan to reforming the Church

Fortress or Field Hospital?

Miracle at the Hartford Super 8

This crazy concept of time

Deaths of despair aren’t a bug, they’re a feature.

At 50

An open letter to Disney

No skipping ahead

Advent Rest

Messed Up: A 2020 Christmas Reflection

Unpaint the Rock

Not What I Ordered

My Favorite Jimmy V Story

Does God Like Football?

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