Dreams Come True

When Betsy was an infant, I would sing Jiminy Cricket’s “When You Wish Upon a Star” to her as a lullaby each night. And (sometimes) the last line is right.

Betsy has grown up at Walt Disney World, charming (as a toddler) and befriending (as a teenager) performers and other cast members and learning the parks like a second home. Today, she officially joined the ranks of cast members as a member of the Disney College Program. She’ll be working at the parks and living on property through the end of the year before returning to LMU in January.

This really is a dream come true for her. She screened colleges, in part, by their openness to her participating in DCP, but she never dreamed she’d get in on her first try. We’re excited to have her closer for a little while, and more excited to experience Cast Life through her eyes.

And her apartment, which is the nicest place she ever has and likely ever will live? The DCP complex is organized in neighborhoods named after Disney mentors. Naturally, she lives in Jiminy’s neighborhood.

Where dreams come true.

One response to “Dreams Come True”

  1. So excited for Betsy and for you and April.

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