Take 2

O Love,

I set out to write a systematic theology; I was going to explain what I believe about you, and while this little Lenten project started with me just wondering, after spending so much time just focused on trying to grow closer to you, what I actually believed about you, that project of inquiry quickly grew. I wanted to write something that would help other people understand you better. I wanted to write something that would shake up a Church that desperately needs shaking. I wanted to write something that people would notice.

I wanted all that for me. Just like, when I post something on social media, I want to see likes, reactions, comments shares. Pride is real, even and maybe especially spiritual pride. Thanks for making me realize that.

So this time, I’m not writing to an imaginary audience of friends and family, believers, non-believers and don’t-know-ers. I’m just writing to you to express what I think I’ve learned about you over the last 50 years and listen to see if you agree.

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