Synod 15 careens toward a close

I have no special insight to share about the synod on the family, which is in its final week. I see the same stuff you see: that there are tensions between two positions that seem irreconcilable – those who see the primacy of asserting the truth of what the law requires and the Church teaches as acceptable, and those who see the primacy of mercy toward those who fall short of the goal in a way different from ours. I don’t see this ending well, and I think most other observers would say that either we will have a power play by one of these two factions or else a very uncomfortable, demoralizing and divisive push off in which the tensions continues unresolved.

I take solace only in this, that God is in control, that the Spirit guides the Church, and that He has a plan. And above that, I recognize that He does his best work when there is no human possibility without him. 

And that may be where we are today.

So go pray.

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